anshula & michael

Michael and Anshula's wedding was definitely the most unique wedding we have had the privilege of being a part of to date. They set out to have a wedding day that was a true reflection of themselves and the people that love them. These two come from families with two different cultures. This in itself is not unique but the part of this story that is unique is the way they brought these two cultures together perfectly to celebrate their love for one another.

There were two different ceremonies. A traditional Indian ceremony and a traditional Australian ceremony. The Indian ceremony was filled with tradition that for Michael and his family was a whole new experience. It began with Michael and his family meeting his Bride's family at the door and having to barter his way in. Eventually, the family accepts. He received a King's welcome and was taken to wait for his bride. The bride arrived and the ceremony was filled with plenty of tradition symbolic elements. This ceremony was followed by an incredible Indian feast, including some more bartering and plenty of dancing. These guys know how to party, there was barely a person in the room not on the dancefloor, they even made us put our cameras down to join in. Afterwards the bride and groom went their separate ways to prepare for the afternoon ceremony.

The afternoon ceremony was a more traditional Australian garden wedding. The same guests from the morning ceremony all gathered to witness their exchange of vows and rings. Anshula's heritage wasn't left behind though with the ceremony finished off by quickly turning their own mini festival of colours.

Both ceremonies were completely different but they merged together to form the perfect celebration of the love these two shared. The people they loved came together and shared new experiences all with the purpose of wishing these two best for their future together.